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3 Website Traffic Checker Tools to Try in 2023

Here are the main 3 site traffic checkers to use in 2021:

1. Shopify

Shopify’s site traffic checker reports assist you with understanding how much traffic your store is getting. Under Reports, in the left menu of your Shopify store, you can peruse “Meetings over the long haul” and select explicit dates to perceive how much site traffic you have.

By cross-referring to this with different reports, for example, “Online store change rate,” you’ll better get it assuming you’re getting traffic from your ideal interest group.

2. Alexa

The site traffic checker Alexa assists with serious exploration. As such, if you need to understand what your rivals’ traffic sources are, this is the device you can utilize. Furthermore, it’s free.

I utilize this site traffic checker while building new stores to see what the primary traffic wellsprings of my rivals are. You can likewise utilize it to screen the opposition’s fame — is the traffic moving vertically, stable or declining. You’ll try and see the site’s worldwide or public position.

3. SimilarWeb

The SimilarWeb site traffic checker lets you know the all out number of online visits, visit length, top traffic sources, and something else for contender sites.

This site traffic checker even gives you the top alluding locales so you can make a blueprint to connect with those sites to get connections to your own site. You’ll know the level of paid versus natural traffic to assist you with better comprehension how to better plan your traffic age.

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